Services Agreement

Please read this agreement carefully.


This services agreement (the “Agreement”) is made between you as the user(s) of the Site (referred to as “you”, “your” or “User” hereinafter), and Crazywallet SARL Lebanon (“Crazywallet” or “we”), which supplements the Transaction Services Agreement regarding your use of the CrazyWallet Services (as defined below) provided to registered members of the 


1. Acceptance of Terms

1.1   You acknowledge that CrazyWallet is performing the CrazyWallet Services to the registered members of the Sites in support of’s online transaction platforms and it shall provide certain services to Users strictly in accordance with’s instructions.

1.2  You acknowledge that you have read this Agreement prior to your use of CrazyWallet Services.  Each time you use CrazyWallet Services you confirm that you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement and any subsequent amendments or modifications as may be made from time to time. 

1.3 We may amend this Agreement any time by posting an updated version at The updated version of this Agreement shall take effect immediately upon posting. By continuing to use the CrazyWallet Services, you agree to that the amended terms will apply to you.

2. CrazyWallet Services

2.1   The “CrazyWallet Services” are services provided by CrazyWallet to facilitate payments in connection with the online transactions concluded on and through the Sites.  These transactions (“Online Transactions”) are subject to the Transaction Services Agreement. Unless otherwise defined in this Agreement, the capitalized terms shall have the same meanings as used in the Transaction Services Agreement.


2.2 Crazywallet provides management services to its clients (currently in Lebanon) by:

a. setting a fee for management of your store

b. taking photos of products that are to be listed on the website/Client’s store

c. negotiating any required support issues with our support team

d. Crazywallet is to negotiate with paid store once products are sold

e. you will be required to provide a “Print Label” for postage

f. * We are not held responsible should the store not follow the given and agreed steps and should the receipt not state cash on delivery as it is the store’s responsibility to identify whether the sold product was paid by card, paypal or requires cash on delivery.



Management Deals include:


20 Products

50 Products

Unlimited Products

Sale Percentage





Managed by Rep.

Managed by Rep.

Managed by Rep.



3. CrazyWallet Services for Online Transactions

3.1   Buyer of an Online Transaction shall pay the full transaction price listed for the Online Transaction to the Seller through the CrazyWallet website unless another option is made available directly by on the Sites.  When using CrazyWallet to submit payment for a Online Transaction, payments are processed through accounts owned by CrazyWallet or one of its affiliates and/or a registered third party service provider acting on CrazyWallet’s behalf.  The funds are received for the Seller in accordance with the Transaction Services Agreement. The Seller agrees that the Buyer’s full payment of the transaction price listed for the Online Transaction to CrazyWallet constitutes final payment to the Seller and Buyer’s payment obligation for the Online Transaction is fully satisfied upon receipt of funds by CrazyWallet’s account.  The payment must be made in US Dollar or any other currencies as supported by CrazyWallet from time to time.   

3.2   Upon receipt of the Buyer’s payment, CrazyWallet shall promptly notify Sites of the details of the payment.  CrazyWallet shall also monitor and keep safe custody of the received funds and shall not release the funds unless an event set forth in clause 3.3 below occurs.     

3.3   CrazyWallet shall retain the funds received in connection with an Online Transaction as instructed by unless, as agreed between Seller and, any of the following events occurs: 

(a)  in case of the successful completion of the Online Transaction upon Buyer’s confirmation, all the funds will be remitted to Seller;

(b)  in case of absence of the Buyer‘s confirmation of receipt of the goods within the time limit prescribed by Seller and as agreed by, all the funds will be remitted to Seller;

(c)  in case of the cancellation of the Online Transaction, all the funds will be refunded to Buyer;

(d)  in case of any settlement agreement reached by Buyer and Seller, the funds will be disposed in accordance with such settlement agreement;

3.4 When releasing any funds, CrazyWallet shall have the right to deduct any financial charges or service fees due and payable to (if any) in such amount as instructed by pursuant to the agreement between Seller and

3.5   Unclaimed funds will be held by CrazyWallet for a period of five years as instructed by, at which time, the Seller will be deemed to have waived any claim in respect of such funds or, if required by applicable escheat laws, we will remit the funds (less any fees, if any and to the extent permitted under applicable laws) to the relevant competent authority.  You hereby agree that upon expiry of such period or upon remittance of such funds to the relevant competent authority in accordance to the applicable escheat laws, CrazyWallet will be relieved of any further obligation to pay those unclaimed funds to you.3.6   You acknowledge and agree that CrazyWallet may receive interest for the funds held on behalf of you pursuant to CrazyWallet Services rendered to you in accordance with applicable laws and you will not receive interest or other profits in relation to the CrazyWallet Services.


4. Users’ Responsibilities

4.1   All Online Transactions are concluded by and between Users only.  You shall complete Online Transactions in accordance with the Transaction Services Agreement and Sites’ terms, rules and policies. You agree that you will not hold CrazyWallet and our affiliates or agents liable for any Online Transaction or any products or services supplied under any Online Transaction. 

4.2   You agree to give all notices, provide all necessary information, materials and approval, and render all reasonable assistance and cooperation necessary for CrazyWallet’s provision of the CrazyWallet Services.  If your failure to do so results in any delay in the provision of any CrazyWallet Services or cancellation of any Online Transaction, CrazyWallet and our affiliates shall not be liable for any loss or damages arising from such delay.

4.3   You represent and warrant that:

(a)  you will use the CrazyWallet Services in good faith and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations;

(b)  the information and material you provide in connection with the use of the CrazyWallet Services is true, lawful and accurate, and is not false, misleading or deceptive;

(c)  you will not use the CrazyWallet Services to defraud CrazyWallet, our affiliates or other members or users or engage in other unlawful activities (including without limitation dealing in products or services prohibited by law);

(d)  in case that you are a Seller of products, you have the legitimate right and authorization to sell, distribute or export the products using the Transaction Services and such products do not infringe any third party’s rights;

(e)  in case that you are a Seller of products, you have good title to the products ordered under the Online Transaction, and the products meet the agreed descriptions and requirements; and

(f) in case that you are a Seller of services, you will provide the services ordered with reasonable care and skills.

4.4   If in CrazyWallet’s opinion, any User is not acting in good faith, abusing the CrazyWallet Services, or in breach of this Agreement, CrazyWallet shall have the right to request to cancel the Online Transaction. 

4.5   You as the User shall be solely responsible for payment of any taxes, duties or other governmental levies or any financial charges that may be imposed on any products or services purchased or supplied through the CrazyWallet Services or otherwise arising from the Online Transaction.

5. Personal Data Privacy

5.1   You agree that we may collect, hold, use and transfer your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the site. Crazywallet is to keep all confidentiality secured within the database and shall only disclose in legal matters

6. Suspension of Systems

6.1   If you are unable to use the CrazyWallet Services directly or indirectly due to any of the following reasons, you agree you will not hold CrazyWallet its affiliates or agents liable for any default, delay or failure in performing its obligations under this Agreement:

(a)  system suspension which has been announced by CrazyWallet in advance;

(b)  any Force Majeure Event


7. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

 As stated in the Terms & Conditions section 8. Limitation of Liability, CrazyWallet will only be liable for the obligations expressly set forth in this Agreement. 

7.2   You agree that all risks arising from the Online Transaction will be borne by you and your counterparty. 



9. Jurisdiction

9.1   This Agreement shall be interpreted, construed and enforced in all respects in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore. You irrevocably consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Singapore, in connection with any action to enforce the provisions of this Agreement, to recover damages or other relief for breach or default under this Agreement, or otherwise arising under or by reason of this Agreement.


9.2   If any dispute or claim arises from or in connection with this Agreement, an Online Transaction or your use of the CrazyWallet Services (“Dispute”), the relevant parties shall resolve the Dispute through amicable negotiations.  If any Dispute arises between Buyer and Seller in connection with an Online Transaction, you agree that such Dispute shall be resolved in accordance with the procedures set forth in clause 10 of the Transaction Services Agreement only.  If you initiate any legal proceedings against CrazyWallet or our affiliates in breach of clause 10 of the Transaction Services Agreement, you shall indemnify and hold CrazyWallet and our affiliates, agents, employees, directors, officers and agents harmless and indemnified against any claim, losses, damages that may be suffered by us.


9.3 In any event, you may not make any claim against CrazyWallet or our affiliates under this Agreement after one year from the date of occurrence of the matter giving rise to the claim.